La Ultima Mirada

I got free tickets to one of the Mexican movies shown in the Int’l Film Festival, it is called La ultima mirada, or the last gaze. It is about A painter on the verge of blindness meets by chance a young girl hired as a maid in a remote brothel in the Mexican desert. Two different but parallel lives intertwine in surprising twists and turns. A beautiful film chronicling the survival of the human spirit against all odds.

What I liked about the movie was its parallel plot between the lives of the little girl and the painter, they both fell in love, got hurt, were happy, were sad,,,

The main theme of the movie was “what would you choose to be the last thing you ever saw?”.  It seems to be a big question, but the answer of the painter was to see a beautiful woman ! Not very deep as I thought it would be, but nice.


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