The Zahir

I am not that big of a fan for Paulo Coelho. I liked The Alchemist alot, it was inspiring, but when I read for him Pilgrimage, and now I’m reading The Zahir, it is kinda boring. From page one to page 87, the pace is slow, a famous writer’s wife leaves him for a younger man and he wants to re-settle in his life (from the outside and his inside), no more no less. 

But what I like about Coelho is the ‘mystical’ lines he talks about every now and then, like:

“When I had nothing to lose, I was given everything. When I ceased to be who I am, I found myself. When I experienced humiliation and yet kept on walking, I understood that I was free to choose my destiny. Perhapsthere’s something wrong with me, I don’t know, perhaps my marriage was a dream I couldn’t understand while it lasted. All I know is that even though I can live without her, I would still love to see her again, to saywhat I never said when we were together: I love you more than I love myself. If I could say that, then I could go on living, at peace with myself, because that love has redeemed me.”


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