The Horse Whisperer

While going through my small library I came across one fine novel, I urge you to read it if you didn’t have it already. It is The Horses Whisperer by Nicholas Evans, it was turned into a movie directed (and starring Robert Redford).

It is about a talented horse trainer hired to help an injured horse. The horse had an accident while trying to protect his owner (a teenage girl) in a car accident, but unfortunately both of them get severely injured, not just physically but emotionally. They couldn’t handle the outter world. What made it worse for the girl was the tensed relation between her parents. Instead of shooting the horse dead as all the therapists asked her (even the girl wanted this), the mother decides to go for the help of a ‘horse whisperer’. Throughout the days spent in curing the horse, they found that they are actually healing their inner wounds, the girl, the mother and even the horse whisperer…

BTW it was through this book that I really loved horses, and thanks to a dear friend I actually got the chance of experiencing the pleasure of getting to know what it feels to ride a horse. It is such a great novel. And the movie is also wonderful with amazing shots of running horses.



One response to “The Horse Whisperer

  1. I have seen this movie a few years ago. I fell in love with it at first sight!!! By the way, I do like Robert Redford. Now I have bought a book of Nicholas Evans and enjoy reading. That is a miraculous novel, a grabbing one and awesome!
    Oksana, 19 yrd – Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine.

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