The Lost Oases – Ahmed Bey Hassanein

First of all let me tell you how I got to know “The Lost Oases”, it was through one of Moh Mabrouk excerpts from the book on SS forum and website. In this book Hassanein talks about his expedition from Sollum to El Obeid ( in Sudan) a distance of 2200 miles and how he discovered two ‘lost’ oases.

I was dazzled by Hassanein’s writing:

“Few people in civilization know the pleasure of just sitting down and looking at the stars. No wonder the Arabs were masters of the science of astronomy! When the day’s work is done the solitary Bedouin has nothing left but to sit down and watch the movements of the stars and absorb the uplifting sense of comfort that they give to the spirit. These stars become like friends that one meets every day. And when they go, it is not abruptly as when men say farewell at a parting, but it is like watching a friend fade gradually from view, with the hope of seeing him again the following night” p. 26

And when he described the love of the desert: “It is as though a man were deeply in love with a very fascinating but cruel woman. She treats him badly, and the world crumples in his hand; at night she smiles on him and the whole world is a paradise. The desert smiles and there is no place on earth worth living in but the desert.”  p.25

WOW. Isn’t it just amazing??

The past few days, Mabrouk has been posting other excerpts in SS forum, so check them out:

He even wrote many info about him in . You have to read it !

Ahmed Bey Hassaneinan Oxford-graduate Egyptian, grandson of the last Admiral of Egyptian fleet, son of Al-Azhar Professor, diplomat, Olympic champion, Photographer, Writer, King’s tutor, politician and a world-famous legendary explorer of the 1920s”

This book is definitely a must read !



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