The Crusades Through Arab Eyes

Lately I have been reading in this book for the next book discussion. I bought it from el kotob khan (my favorite bookshop !)

Here is a review: “European and Arab versions of the Crusades have little in common. For Arabs, the twelfth and thirteenth centuries were years of strenuous efforts to repel a brutal and destructive invasion by barbarian hordes. In “The Crusades Through Arab Eyes”, Amin Maalouf has sifted through the works of a score of contemporary Arab chroniclers of the Crusades, eyewitnesses and often participants in the events. He retells their stories in their own vivacious style, giving us a vivid portrait of a society rent by internal conflicts, and shaken by a traumatic encounter with an alien culture. He retraces two critical centuries of Middle Eastern history, and offers fascinating insights into some of the forces that shape Arab and Islamic consciousness today.”

I have almost finished 75% of it. My main comment is that it’s full of details, to the extent that u can easily lose track of the events. So after finishing half of the book I started skiping whole paragraphs that depict the repeated scenes of barricades, conflicts between emirs, wars, slaughtering,,, What I love however about the book is its illustrative language. I don’t feel like I’m reading a history book from the 12th century. Very interesting.


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