Golf Clubs

Types of Clubs

Different clubs in the golfer’s bag are designed for different uses on the course. We’ll explain more about what makes them different when we describe the parts of a club, but here are the clubs:

  • Woods are the longest clubs in the golfer’s bag, the clubs with large, bulbous heads designed to send a golf ball sailing hundreds of yards with a single swing.
  • Irons are present in the greatest variety, from the low-numbered clubs designed to hit a ball nearly as far as a wood, to the high-numbered irons and wedges designed to send the ball a short distance in a high, arcing trajectory.
  • Putters are built for finesse, designed to help guide a golfer’s aim and steady her hands as they send the ball rolling into the cup from a short distance.
  • The first club you use while learning golf is the iron one. I don’t know why but my favorite club is # 7, Maybe it’s because of its angle,,, I don’t know, it just fits. I’m now working on my woods practice, it will save me lots of distance when I finally go on the golf course. My main faults: try to take a better back swing, keep the head at its place, concentrate on the angle of the club face,,,



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