درجن درجن درجن درجن

A dear friend of mine introduced me to the wonderful world of horses. Throughtout my life I was amazed by these beautiful creatures. I had always a fascination by their beauty but I admit I feared them. Didn’t fear their strength as most people do, but feared their mysteriousness.

All of this changed, gradually of course, but it is a step. Untill now I feel little scared in galoping, and I hope that I’ll overpass this too :-).

Here is a beautiful picture of a horse (also from getty images). We are used to ride in this part of the desert, right next to the pyramids. GREAT VIEW. Especially by night and the full moon….. It is an amazing experience……



One response to “درجن درجن درجن درجن

  1. You will probably get over it, horses are amazing creatures…something divine about them..I don’t really know…I always wanted to be one :D…maybe that’s why I spend way too much time with them.

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