How to Get a Full Golf Swing


To begin with the way to a proper full golf swing is a lot of practice both mentally and physically. To begin with, your feet must be about shoulder width apart your knees slightly bent, you’re back straight at about an eighty degree angle. (…)

The Back Swing

For most people, the back swing is the most difficult maneuver in a full golf swing. If you have ever watched the PGA on television occasionally you can catch a PGA Pro on the side practicing his back swing.

The first thing you should know is that the elbows should be kept close to your side the entire time. Try to keep your left arm straight as possible, some bending will occur but try to keep it straight.

You need to rotate at the shoulders and not the waist, imagine that you are ringing out a wet rag. You want to twist at the upper body and shoulders not at the waist. While doing this your lower body should not move and your head should remain looking at the ball. This movement will give the club what is known as the swing arc and is should be about forty-five to fifty degrees in respect to the vertical.

At the top of the swing arc your club should be pointing at the target (the ball) this is done by turning the wrist.

The Down Swing

Most would say this is the most important part of the full golf swing but if you don’t get the upswing right you’re most certainly not going to get the down swing right. Your body is twisted like a spring now it’s time to let the spring fling in a controlled manner.

On the down swing you want to pull with the left arm and just let the right arm follow, do not let the right push because it will push the club off target.

Keep your head pointed down, keeping your eyes on the ball.

Twist the wrist so the club face is square with the ball.

Follow though with the swing.

The head should be the last thing to move when finished with the full golf swing the chest should be pointing at the target.


2 responses to “How to Get a Full Golf Swing

  1. On the follow through, you should let your shoulder hit your chin, letting you keep your head down. Also if you are not getting enough loft, you should keep your head down through the whole swing, and not watch the ball. Trust me, it should be on target. One more thing, when you swing, PLEASE don’t try to be like Tiger, just relaxe and hit the ball.

  2. Getting your body twisted like a spring and letting the spring fling in a controlled manner is certainly more easily written about than done. I appreciate your emphasis on twisting at the shoulders and not at the waist. Training your body to twist safely while maintaining the power triangle requires the help of a good instructor and personal trainer and/or physical therapist knowledgeable in golf swing mechanics.

    The effort is certainly worth it. I am enjoying the game now more than ever with straighter drives and less pain because of golf specific conditioning and good instruction.

    It certainly is easier to relax when you don’t have to think about putting all of those individual parts of the swing together.

    Steve McMurray MPT

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