using Woods

I should spend more time in the coming period in using the woods club. They are extremely important in acquiring great distances at the tee off. Also the practice of using the woods club is satisfactory for anger management 🙂 .

First thing is the correct POSTURE. This stance is totally different than the normal swing. I have to stand a little bit to the left of the ball, also bend my upper body to the left while keeping my head at the same position. For the time being I will also shift my wait a little bit clockwise in order to facilitate my swing.

One of the things that I should focus upon is the down swing: I should go from the inside towards the outside (not vice versa). I should always point the club to the correct direction.

Also, before the point of impact I should concentrate on hiting the ball first, then the groud, which is different than what I used to do using the irons. 

I still have a long road…


(a picture of a guy using a wood from Getty Images)

Here is a little briefing on the woods:

Woods are the longest clubs in the bag and mostly used for long shots. They have large heads that are somewhat spherical in shape with a slightly bulging clubface and a flattened sole that slides over the ground without digging in during the swing….

The longest wood, the 1 wood, is usually referred to as the driver. It also has the biggest head, making it ideal for use off the tee. The shorter woods (today, the 3 and 5 woods are most commonly used, with 2,4, 7 and 9 woods occasionally used) are referred to as fairway woods, and feature a shallower face height which enables players to hit them off the turf.


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