The Veil (again)

There has been lots of discussion regarding the veil. First of all there are 2 types: the first where the woman covers her hair (hijab), and another where she covers her face (niqab). Whereas the Koran mentioned that women should be modestly covered, those who wear the niqab do it to go for the extra mile.

Anyway, what I want to say is this issue is taking lots of time while there are more important issues in regards to women status in the middle east (like education for instance) .

If a girl wants to wear a veil, so be it, and if she doesn’t want to wear it, like wise, no problem, at the end that’s HER choice. You can’t force anyone to wear it nor to take it off.

But the problem is when you connect it to the person’s way of thinking; wearing a head cover doesn’t mean that she is covering her mind, so there is no sense in assuming a correlation between these two notions. In the same sense, not wearing a head scarf doesn’t mean that she is open minded.

So first glance judgments are not accurate, and people shouldn’t make their judgements based on this, okay?

Of course I understand that each person has his own prejudice when dealing with a veiled girl (especially if he didn’t face this before or if he didn’t talk to one), but this doesn’t mean that he has the right for this prejudice simply because he is coming from a different culture.


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