The eye sees only what,,,,

The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend. – Henri L. Bergson

Interesting quote, hein? But who is Mr. Bergson

Bergson lived the quiet life of a French professor. Its chief landmarks were the publication of his four principal works: first, in 1889, the Time and Free Will (Essai sur les données immédiates de la conscience), then Matter and Memory (Matière et mémoire) in 1896, Creative Evolution (L’Evolution créatrice) in 1907 and finally The Two Sources of Morality and Religion (Les deux sources de la morale et de la religion) in 1932. 

Henri Bergson

Name: Henri-Louis Bergson
Birth: 1859 October 18 (Paris, France)
Death: 1941 January 4 (Paris, France)
School/tradition: Continental philosophy
Main interests: Metaphysics, Epistemology, Irrationality, philosophy of language, philosophy of mathematics
Notable ideas: Change, élan vital


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