Budapest 1

Although a long time has passed since my trip to Budapest (nearly 6 months), I wanted to document my memoires there. (helwa document my memoires dih 🙂 )

000018.JPG This is the Golden Park hotel where we stayed. It is a 4 stars hotel. Very clean. The rooms are a little bit small, but that’s ok. The most important thing is its proximity to the metro station.

 000019.JPG This is the Keleti metro and train station that was just infront of our hotel. The inside is huge of course. There were lots of Arabs standing by the doors asking if you want a cab, frankly they looked very suspicious with their not-so-clean clothes.

000009.JPGThat’s the automatic stairs in the metro station. You have to be very careful while riding it for the first time. It is very fast, and very steep ! I almost fell down while stepping on it, I thought it was just like any other automatic stairs we find here in Cairo.

(to be continued)


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